An update

It feels like so long since I last added a post to this blog. In actual fact it’s only been a few weeks, a hectic few weeks! My mother is currently really ill and has been in and out of hospital. She is awaiting an operation and we have just been given a date, the 6th of December. The date when my beautiful boy should be celebrating his second birthday. So, as I’m sure you can imagine, my stress levels are maxed out at the minute. It is the hardest part of the year for me anyway but with my mother’s operation and recovery now thrown into it, it’s going to be ridiculous. A part of me will be reliving that day two years ago, when my little angel made his silent entrance into the world. The other part of me will be in sheer panic, hoping and praying that my mother’s operation is successful. It never rains but it certainly seems to pour.  


At the moment my life revolves around caring for my mother and trying to keep her healthy until her operation. I have split my working hours into two, so I go to work and do half of my shift on a morning, come home and make sure my mother is alright and then I go back to work to finish my shift in the evening. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for me at the moment. I really feel like I have neglected my blog but, I have written my next post which will hopefully be posted sometime soon.


To my lovely followers and my lovely readers, I do apologise. I am aiming to get back on track over the next couple of weeks, I do hope you’ll stick with me until then. Also, to everyone who has sent me lovely messages I thank you all so very much, hopefully when my mother has had her operation and has recovered from it, things will go back to normal….. Or as normal as they can be after you’ve buried a child.

Christie-Leigh xx

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